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Our Process

As an independent firm, we’re results-driven rather than transaction-based. This means that we approach each and every client differently and create a financial roadmap that's designed for you.

To do this, we utilize a detailed process to get to know you and your goals. This process includes:

Lay the Foundation

Using a goal-based planning approach, we align each and every investment strategy to our clients and their needs. Relationships are everything at our firm and we never make any financial recommendations until we fully understand you and your goals. Knowing where you are today can help us plan for where you want to be tomorrow.

Gather Data

After we understand your goals, we look at your financial situation holistically and evaluate current accounts, income, expenses, and other assets. With this information, we’re able to understand your current financial situation and make recommendations accordingly.

Take Action

Now, we implement our plan. Each strategy is customized to the individual client.


We don’t just build a plan and then set it on the shelf to collect dust. We meet with our clients regularly and adjust their plans to fit their changing needs.

We work with people who are interested in making a difference in their money and we do this by helping our clients articulate, plan for, and pursue their goals.

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